trademark infringement case. Don’t copy, it’s bad business.

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For those of you following teachings and strategies, make sure you don’t get in trouble with Legal issues. Mr Rohan Gilkes, got himself a Cease and Desist letter for trademark infringement. . We’re constantly watching for new fakes. Don’t do it, we’ll find you sooner than later. Technology makes it very easy now days, to find duplicate content. It will cost you time and money, go ahead create your own brand.

I hope for all of you who are replicating his business model, don’t believe everything he claims. Running a maid service is not just putting a website and getting leads. It takes real knowledge of the industry and knowing how to find the best people to work for you + you’ve got to enjoy this type of business. This is the key for sustained success. If you’re looking for fast money, this is not the place. Become a real entrepreneur, start something of your own, innovate, learn from others, but never, never…steal, cheat or lie. It will catch you down the road. Good luck in your endeavors.

- Juan

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  1. December 13th, 2012 Flippa

    I thought you might be interested to know that Maids in Black is for sale right now on Flippa….

  2. December 14th, 2012 Juan

    Thanks, not surprised to see this reaction from someone that doesn’t know how to run a maid service business. Whoever buys this business, it’s buying a load of problems. The operator must be knowledgeable in the home service industry, hiring cleaners and generally know how to operate a full service business, otherwise his claimed profit will vanish quickly. Actually, If you never owned a service business with crews, cars, locations to go, I wouldn’t recommend it.

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