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The Big Question: How Much does it cost to hire a Cleaning Service?

The answer is simple, it really depends on your budget. There are cleaning services here in Dallas that do it for $8/hr up to $50/hr and all in between. More expensive doesn’t always equals better, nor cheapest equals worst. The reality of getting your money’s worth is: It depends directly on who you hire to clean. So make a wise decision.

Below is our pricing chart:

First Time Cleaning Move In/Out Recurring Service


$35.00/hr per person  $35.00/hr per person Fixed, not hourly. Click here to get pricing.

We send teams of 2 people most of the times. Unless your place is tiny then we’ll send 1 person.
Minimum service charge for first time cleaning $140+tax for team of 2 people and $75+tax with a 1 person team.

Included Always:

included Certified Teams® (2 people)
included All tools/supplies & non-toxic/organic cleaning products (see answer 3)
included Insured Service against damages.
included Amazing and helpful Customer service.
included Unlimited Customer Service by phone, email or chat.
included 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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